Got It Right Mp3 Song Download Rod Wave

Got It Right Song Download Mp3: The song is sung by and has music by Rod Wave While Rod Wave has written the Got It Right lyrics. It features Rod Wave. Download Got It Right Mp3 Song Below.

Got It Right Mp3 Download

Music Comsposer Rod Wave
Lyricist Rod Wave
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Got It Right Lyrics Rod Wave

Ayy, yo Dzimi
(Low Low, turn that up, hey)
(Mook got the keys jumpin’) Uh
Six in the morning, he up fightin’ demons
Lately, I ain’t got no time for sleepin’
These niggas hatin’ on me for no reason
I pray I make it back when I be leavin’
I give it all I got
Ridin’ around in a drophead
Tell ’em, “Fuck they feelings, drop dead”
Go tell ’em I said
It’s fuck the world like my pops said
It’s thug life just like Pac said, just like Pac said
Thinkin’ about my nigga C
He got a quarter of a century locked in penitentiary
I ain’t gon’ lie, that shit be killin’ me
So many memories, life’ll be gonе in 2053
This shit gon’ stop, them niggas spinnin’ just like ceiling fans
Takе them extensions off them F&Ns, them bitches jam
Told ’em I’ll be him, now we locked in
And I don’t give a damn, don’t give a damn
Say what you gon’ say ’bout me (I promise)
But don’t touch me
‘Cause them young niggas don’t play ’bout me, gon’ spray ’bout me
Jump out in broad day ’bout me
Nigga play, they gon’ lay ’bout me, yeah (grrah)
Thinkin’ about my niggas up the road
Ridin’ with ’em ’til they home (this here right all I got, yeah)
Know I’m with my niggas, right or wrong
Keep it real with all my folks (you know we all we got)
I’m who they said I wasn’t gonna be
What more do they want from me? (Give it all I got)
Been chasin’ since I was 17
Youngin’ finally get to live his dream
I’ma give it all I got, yeah
I’ma give it all I got, yeah
I’ma give it all I got, I’ma give it all I got
All I got, yeah
I gave it all I got, I’ma give it all I got
Yeah, I gave it all I got, I gave it all I got
I gave it all I got, I’ma give it all I got
I bet you, I bet you on everything I love
You can’t get no nigga to try me in the city
‘Cause I am not playin’ that, for the 21
All that, all that over
Lil’ boy ass scared, I’m a grown ass man
I do not play no games with nobody, right?
I tell you, try me
I’ma handle my business, right?
Try me, I’ma handle my business
I don’t care to you, we is with it
I don’t care what neighborhood they from
I go on any corner, I do whatever I wanna when I wanna
You fuck with me, your ass is a goner
And I travel solo, by myself all the time
I ain’t never had to have no security, none of that
‘Cause I am that guy

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