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Livin Wild Song Download Mp3: The song is sung by and has music by Meek Mill While Meek Mill has written the Livin Wild lyrics. Download Livin Wild Mp3 Song Below.

Livin Wild Song Meek Mill Mp3 Download

Music Comsposer Meek Mill
Lyricist Meek Mill
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Livin Wild Lyrics Meek Mill

Gangster Rap has become incredibly popular and profitable by selling lyrics about black-on-black violence
It’s not actually a form of music
Hip hop has done more damage to young African Americans than racism
This is how bad the country- we’re talking about lyrics
Uh, Free Slime, Free Wunna (Brr), Free the whole YSL, Free Duke
Free all my dogs from my block, free all the soldiers who locked down
Yeah, uh

I came from the dirt, nigga (I came)
Then I rose without a stain on my shirt
Richard Millie, rose gold, Plain Jane, what it’s worth
Rest in peace to all my dawgs, I let ’em hang from my shirt
Wrap the diamonds, it’s more than rap and rhymin’, swear to God
It’s like livin’ in your dreams, while you flyin’ a G5
On the way to perform a song that it ain’t even take three times
To record, sometimes I be gettin’ scared, God, is you sure?
You gon’ bless me like this? I’m upstate and I’m rich
You gon’ test me like this? But it be lessons like this
To clear my vision, make me see the ones that left me like this
They say that hatin’ shit a disease and niggas been catchin’ that shit
I know them vibes (I know ’em)
You around, I feel your energy, I know them eyes (I know ’em)
I won’t trust as you, far as I can know, you know you slime (Ooh)
Kiss my mama on her forehead ‘fore we ride
‘Cause when we go to war, we know somebody gon’ die (Die)
Mamas gon’ cry (Cry), kids gon’ grief (Grief)
God gon’ judge (Judge), men gon’ bleed (Bleed)
Got forty-nine million, I need like ten more Gs to be at fifty-mill’ with ease (Yeah)
I’m on my way to see a hundred tickets, Dreamchaser and I’m runnin’ with it
They hatin’ on us, we like “Fuck them niggas”
‘Cause we too busy goin’ up on niggas, and be for real, I never trust them niggas
Far as I can throw ’em, I’m like, far as I can show ’em
They got YSL on lock, I’m tryna call and [?] ’em
Plus my dawg doin’ life out, he ain’t do all of that for him
Can’t be screamin’ off them pills in my hand, handlin’ the pills
Had my family in the sticks and got sued, payin’ all the bills
They say I’m livin’ the life too wild, I got a handle on the whip
Say I should chill, y’all slow down, but I start speedin’ up (I start speedin’)
When I slow down, niggas start actin’ like they was keepin’ up
You fuck with YSL, send ’em out, ’cause that’ll keep ’em up
And in your worst time, know always hold your peoples up, for real
Yeah, free YSL
(And in your worst time, know always hold your peoples up)
Free all my dawgs (For real, yeah)
Free YSL (And in your worst time, know always hold your peoples up)
Free all my dawgs (All my dawgs)

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