WWP Mp3 Song Download Lil Gotit

WWP Song Download Mp3: The song is sung by and has music by Lil Gotit While Lil Gotit has written the WWP lyrics. Download WWP Mp3 Song Below.

WWP Song Lil Gotit Mp3 Download

Music Comsposer Lil Gotit
Lyricist Lil Gotit
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WWP Lyrics Lil Gotit

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah
Diamond’s weight a ton..(woah)
Cash talk be the convo..
Yves Saint Laurent hoe..
Baguettes in my mouth hoe..

Big racks.. Check..
Hellcat, doin the dash ain’t gon’ wreck..
Racks on racks can’t wait to place a bet..
Ride the wave, then catch a tech..
Wanna play, get smoked like hash..
Issa lotta clay here run stashed..
Ya momma caught a shell put her head in the bag..
And before I run outside her house gotta paper tag..
Ya she wanna fucc on Lil Keed..
On the side I’ll puff, puff pass..
Always tap, tap on her head like Nav..
They try to ride the wave, now they drown need a raft.. (Totally)
Couple hundred racks, that’s not enough..
Racks, shooter, dripper, all the above..
Thou’ hit my head bitch you think you tough..
Cash in my pocket get swole like it’s buff..
L.I.L.G.O.T.. (Wooo)

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