GTA Mp3 Song Download Kankan

GTA Song Download Mp3: The song is sung by and has music by Kankan While Kankan has written the GTA lyrics. Download GTA Mp3 Song Below.

GTA Song Kankan Mp3 Download

Music Comsposer Kankan
Lyricist Kankan
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GTA Lyrics Kankan

Wake up, bitch, get geeked
All these hoes be fr—, ayy
All my hoes, they freaks
Wake up, bitch, get geeked
Wake up, count my racks
Then go back to sleep
Then go pour some Wock’
Bitch, I count up then repeat
Bitch, I count up then repeat
Too geeked up, still peepin’ the scene
I’ma stay with some racks by any means
I keep a cup by any—, I keep a cup, keep buyin’ lean
I’m really rich, could buy anything
Every day I switch my hoes up, switch my whips like GTA
Nigga, I switch these hoes, I switch these clothes like every day
My nigga caught him a soul with a brand new pole, had to throw it away
Maybe I’m just gettin’ older, maybe these niggas just keep gettin’ lame
Half of these niggas be fake, that’s why I get money and stay out the way
Lil’ Rino way too geeked in the Maybach truck, yeah, it got too much space
My lil’ brother’ll (Prrt), all y’all niggas and you get flamed up
Boy, you a rat, ayy, just look at his stats, he need to hang it up
How is he dissin’? He used to hang with us, I’m like, “What the fuck?”
Nigga on IG Live like a lil’ ass bitch actin’ like we switched up
Every single song this nigga drop, I swear that nigga mention us
Actin’ like he ain’t on paperwork
Ayy, and I swear if it wasn’t for that case, lil’ bitch-ass nigga, your ass would’ve been murdered
Really Rich bitch, my inner circle
My twin rich, he still servin’
We too lit, we still workin’
Oxy make me feel better
Micro Drac’ on me, ain’t worried
Drac’ on me, ain’t nervous, ha, ayy
Pussy ass nigga would’ve, whew, ayy, ayy
Bitch ass nigga would’ve been murdered, ayy, ayy
Micro Drac’ on me, ain’t worried, whew, ayy
Double R shit, mhm

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