Davizeira Convoca Mp3 Song Download Gaab, MC Davi, MC GP, Neguinho

Davizeira Convoca Song Download Mp3: The song is sung by , , , and has music by MC Davi, Gaab, MC GP, Neguinho While MC Davi, Gaab, MC GP, Neguinho has written the Davizeira Convoca lyrics. Download Davizeira Convoca Mp3 Song Below.

Davizeira Convoca Song Gaab, MC Davi, MC GP, Neguinho Mp3 Download

Vocal/Singer , , ,
Music Comsposer MC Davi, Gaab, MC GP, Neguinho
Lyricist MC Davi, Gaab, MC GP, Neguinho
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Davizeira Convoca Lyrics Gaab, MC Davi, MC GP, Neguinho

(feat. MC GP & MC Ryan SP)

Today I’m beautiful, beautiful and tasty
Yellow teeth seed of gold
Several cheering for me
Several want to see my end there at the bottom of the well
I’m still firm that I’m young
As 25 of age and almost 25 miles in heritage
Master of ceremony, I’m celebrating with the crazy ones
Making HIT without effort
I’m passing the vision
And I’m squeezing
My porsche on your return
Ce loses to me then cries again
Several, several egg drools
And I don’t touch your hand because you disgust me
Diet eye drops to see if lose weight
That excess weight of your fat eye
I’m still undefeated at the top
Black full of gold
With competition in my pocket
I think I’m crazy
Party, night, roll with the bandit
And my cubs taming the felines
And the felines are loving our life We are

pulling the favela tram
Tell me what you did and what you do for her
Minor do the run is the glock take care of the alley
Steam screams if he grinds he’ll disappear on the straight
But never mind, talk about the porsche 900 spider
Like a slap in the face of frauds
Who smiles just because I’m in the hype
But doesn’t remember my time with Zachi
A boy who sent a song in the square
Who sang at the kermesse of the gorge
Today it’s a slope, heats up and marches
Feel the snoring of the armored ship
King of the flight, Kevin who passed the crown
Responsive too much, there are still some who get excited
Respect the walk and respect us in this shit
What I ate as a woman and still haven’t sucked on candy

Don’t be fooled by my good side
If seeing my bad side will break your heart
Cold and calculating bandit, likes money
Strong on the track, respected with great concept
From the bullet train I’m a machinist, the leadership is us
Artist taking the boy’s pouch
If today there’s a show the dance is full and the profit is high
I already counted money today it’s just fish and rooster
Aas little friend from SP who comes from Barra
Dinheiro here is the power, moves the area
Bring Buchanans for us to drink which is our water
Call only tea for us to fuck in this flight
We are going to surf in the MD if we sink in the bullet
Today the troops are there, we don’t even care

Clave in the finger, mery in the cigarette holder
I ostentatiously but prioritize a full fridge
If the family is fine, we are also blessed I look
like I’m fulfilling the mission To
fight, to profit, for the sake of mine
Show that pa, God is in charge
And even if I walk in the valley of shadow and death
It makes me strong
Nois toast with champagne or guarana with or without a spotlight
Rich or poor, I am the same
Differently the time of a kid came to mind
Pinote de goat, without luxury or flash
They try but don’t offend me those who say it was luck
For these loke, there’s no rebound

Last week I went to JK, I bought glasses with a ruby ​​lens
Estrala the Swarovski, diamond earring
That’s why these crazy women are so crazy, so crazy, so bitchy
Wanting to give
it Don’t know whether to lick, kiss, suck
But I want to use and abuse
They know we have them They know what
to ask for, they have
They know we’re leaving
They know we’re coming back
She knows she’s hot
Play, play, play

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